Born in Rimouski, Quebec, Canada, in 1951, Renée Bellavance is known under the artist name ReBel, a little wink at the name of an enterprise she started in 1982 and in which she thought decorative painting on ceramics until 1985.

She pursued a military career for a period of her life followed by an active career in the financial field.

The year 2008 was a precursor to the desire inhabiting her to express herself freely through art.

Through painting, she invests herself with passion in this infinite universe and completes different courses which allow her to reach a better comprehension of the properties of color. She therefore manages to reach a better mastery of color in order to better adapt it to her creative process.

It is in 2010 that she pursues an artistic career after having found her own signature.

She meticulously creates a multitude of 3D visual effects through a technique which she perfects. She proposes works that calls out the spectator, amongst other things by the frenzy of colors. Her paintings inevitably reflect the four elements: fire, water, air and earth.

The collective and individual expositions in which she participates succeed one another and her dynamism brings to live without any doubt a productive artistic journey.


2018 – 2011  Technical presentations AAPARS (monthly), St-Bruno, QC, Canada

2016 Sculpture workshop (initiation to sculpting) – Alain Daigneault – Ste-Julie, QC, Canada

2016 Drawing individual coaching ( 20 hours) – Suzelle Chaput, Studio SC, Varennes, QC, Canada

2015 Financing methods for professional artists – Pierre Beaudoin organisational development coach, Montreal, QC

2015 The art market: creating and valuing fair market value for your art, Genevieve Goyer-Ouimette/Eric Devlin, at gallery MP tresart, Durham-Sud, QC and Culture Centre-of Quebec

2015 Writing your artist statement – Pierre Beaudoin coach in organisational development, Montreal, QC, Canada

2015 Pavopol sculpting workshop with Francine Deshaies, Boucherville, QC, Canada

2011  Watercolor workshops with  Lorraine Arsenault St-Bruno, QC, Canada

2010  Various workshops on exploration of mixed techniques (10hres)

2010 – 2009  Workshops on mastering colors and exploring different acrylic techniques with Michele Thibault professional artist (240hres)

1983  National Ceramic Association teacher’s accreditation, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, US

1983  Educational Seminars with the National Ceramic Association Educational

Foundation ( 2 days) , Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, US

1982  Brush Stroke courses with  Xavier in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, US (16hres)

1982  Educational Seminars with the National Ceramic Association Educational Foundation ( 2 days)

1981  Brush Stroke courses with  Xavier in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, US (32hres)



2017 « 5 to 7» with the artist, Hotel Alt, Brossard, Qc, Canada

2015 ReBel artist is showing, Gallery WOW Les filles, Terrebonne, QC, Canada

2015 « Circumvolution 4 », Hachem Laval, Laval, QC, Canada

2015 « ReBel – A world of possibilities », gallery l’Espace Contemporain, Montreal, QC, Canada

2015  « Circonvolution 3 », gallery MP Tresart, Durham Sud, QC, Canada

2014 « Circumvolution 2 », Greenfield Park library, City of Longueuil, QC, Canada

2014 « Art Concept» Montreal high rises, KPMG Tower, Bell Tower, with the Metropolitan Museum of Art and Business, Montreal, QC, Canada. 

2014 « ReBel artist is showing », Flower market, St-Bruno, QC, Canada

2014 « Circonvolution », Gallery la Seigneurie, Chateauguay, QC, Canada

2012 « ReBel artist is showing », Studio SC, Varennes, QC, Canada


2014 « ReBel artist is showing », Gallery Rene Blain, City of Brossard, QC, Canada

2014 ReBel et Veronique Poirier, St-Charles gallery, Longueuil, QC, Canada

2012 « ReBel et André VanMelle are showing », Municipal library, City of Ste-Julie, QC, Canada

2012 « Renée Bellavance – ReBel et Monique Daneau are showing », Re/Max St-Bruno, fund raiser for Enfants Soleil, St-Bruno, QC, Canada

Collective Exhibitions

2018 Grand opening at Grimandi Gallery, Grimandi art Gallery, curator Vivian Puello, New York, NY

2018 Collective Gallery Viviana Puello, Viviana Puello gallery, New York, NY

2018 « ATIM 60 Master’s Award exhibition », curator Viviana Puello, New York, NY

2018-16 « Artist project », Toronto, Ontario, Canada

2018-14 Gallery MP Tresart permanent artist, Durham Sud, QC, Canada

2017 « Malaysia Art fair », Galerie Bruno Massa, Kuala Lumpur, Malaisie

2017 Chamber of commerce of Montreal Metropolitan, Montreal, CASPQ, QC

2017 « Mantova International Biennal of Contemporary Art », curator Dott. Francesco Saverio Russo, Mantova, Italy

2017 « Arte Milano», curator  Dott. Franscesco Russo, Milan, Italy

2017 « La diversité dans l’art »  46ième International CAPSQ exhibition, Bruges, Belgium

2017 « Rome Art Expo – The Caravaggio experience », curator Salvatore Russo, Rome, Italy

2017 «VIP Zone » Biennale of Palermo, curator Salvatore Russo, Palermo Sicily, Italy

2017 Biennale Peshiera del Garda, curator Salvatore Russo, Peshiera del Garda, Italy

2016 Galleria La Pigna, Vatican, CAPSQ, Rome, Italy

2016 CAPSQ (Cercle des Artistes peintres et sculpteurs), Montreal, QC, Canada

2016-14-13-12-11 Circuit of the Arts, St-Bruno, QC, Canada

2015 Gallery Z permanent artist, Montreal, QC, Canada

2015-14-13-12 Gallery  St-Charles, Longueuil, QC, Canada

2015-14-12-11 Fall contest, « Expo-concours automnale », AAPARS, St-Bruno, QC, Canada

2014 Espace Notre Dame, Christmas market, Montreal, QC, Canada

2014 Artistes de coeur, Espace Création, St-Lambert, QC, Canada

2014 Manoir St-Bruno, St-Bruno, QC, Canada

2014 Hachem Laval with Zone LOQ, Laval, QC, Canada

2014 Symposium of Prevost, Prevost, QC, Canada

2014 Symposium Estivart, Magog, QC, Canada

2014-13 Symposium of Mascouche, Mascouche, QC, Canada

2014 Gallery Wardness, Soho, NY, USA

2014 Gallery du Ruisseau,Foundation Hospital Pierre-Boucher, Longueuil, QC, Canada 

2014 SIDIM – Montreal international design exhibit, Montreal, QC, Canada

2014 – 13 « Salon du printemps », Spring exhibit  AAPL, Longueuil, QC, Canada

2014   « Il suffit d’un détail », L’Espace Contemporain, Montréal, QC, Canada

2014 « Words from the hart » Galerie MP Tresart,Durham-Sud, QC, Canada

2014 « The poetry of the gesture », gallery l’Espace Contemporain, Montreal, QC, Canada

2013 Painting festival of Mascouche, Mascouche, QC, Canada

2013 « Kiss of Abstration »  Warnass gallery, NY, USA 2013 MP Tresart gallery, Durham Sud, QC, Canada

2013 Dissemblance III – Gallery Medicart, Longueuil, QC, Canada

2013 Spring Exhibition AAPARS, Mont-St-Hilaire, QC, Canada

2013 Painting Awakens – City of Le Gardeur, QC, Canada

2013 – 12 Promenades St-Bruno, St-Bruno, QC, Canada

2013 Corrid’Art – Rona Foundation, Boucherville, QC, Canada

2013 Dissemblance II –Medicart Gallery, Longueuil, QC, Canada

2013 « Art as a gift »,  AAPL Longueuil, QC, Canada

2013 Celebration of the Arts, St-Basile, QC, Canada

2013 Culture week, Studio SC, Varennes, QC, Canada

2013 « Je m’envole avec toi » Gallery MP Tresart, Durham-Sud, QC, Canada

2013 « Un bouquet de fraîcheur » Gallery MP Tresart, Durham-Sud, QC, Canada

2013 « Si la mémoire oublie la couleur demeure»  Gallery MP Tresart, Durham-  Sud, QC, Canada

2012 Culture week, Studio SC, Varennes, QC, Canada

2012 Salon of the  Arts of Bois-Francs, Victoriaville, QC, Canada

2012 L’Espace Contemporain gallery collective theme exhibit, Mtl, QC, Canada

2012 Visual arts contest city of  St-Bruno, QC, Canada

2012 The American Juried International Art Salon – Virtual – USA

2012 Painting awakens – City of Le Gardeur, QC, Canada

Recognitions and awards

2018 ATIM’s top 60 Masters of Contemporary art of 2018, New York, NY, USA

2017 Best Modern and Contemporary Artists 2017 curated by Salvatore Russo for Stylistic value, Französische Friedrichstadtkirche, Berlin, Germany

2017 International Prize ‘’Andrea Mantegna’’, Mantova, Italy

2017 International Prize ‘’Arte Milano’’, Milan International art award, Milan, Italy

2017 International Prize ‘’Garavaggio experience’’, Rome Art Expo, Rome, Italy

2017 International Prize ‘’Dante Alighieri’’, Biennale d’Arte,Peshiera del Garda, Italy

2017 International Prize ‘’Galileo Galilei’’, Pise, Italy

2017 International Prize ‘’Christoforo Colombo’’, Genova, Italy

2016 Best Modern and Contemporary Artists 2016 curated by Salvatore Russo for Sty-listic value, Vienna, Palais Sternberg, Nov 2016

2016 Uffizi prize, Firenze, Italy, by Efetto Arte

2016 Silver medal in abstraction for originality, esthetic value and technique for ‘’Ile de Scilly’’ painting, at international Gala of  Visual Arts Sound and lights – 32nd annual contest with the Cercle des Artistes Peintres et Sculpteurs du Québec

2016 Bronze medal in abstraction for ‘’Ile de Scilly’ at Galleria La Pigna, Union Cattolica Artisti Italiani Palazzo del Vicariato Mallfei Marescotti, Vatican, Rome

2013 Art work titled Elevation chosen as artwork of the month on virtual site Artxterra designers and professionals

2012 1st prize for the ensemble of her work all categories, figurative, non-figurative, photography and sculpting – Bursary Bertrand St-Arnaud  Sept 28 -30 sept 2012 Celebration of the  Arts St-Basile-le-Grand, QC, Canada

2012 2 of 5 artists public’s favorite collective exhibit Promenades St-Bruno,QC, Canada

2012 First prize mention – from the jury at Painting awakens – collective exhibition

City of Le Gardeur, QC, Canada


2018 Mondial Art Academia

2018 – 2011 AAPARS – Association of affiliated painters of the South-shore, QC, Canada

2018 – 2015 Circle of painters and sculptors of Quebec, Laval, QC, Canada

2018 – 2014 RAAV –Visual art artists regrouping of Quebec, QC, Canada

2018 – 2016 CAPSQ – Circle of Painters and Sculptor of Quebec, Montreal, QC, Canada

2016 – 2015 Visual arts Roussillons, St-Constant, QC, Canada

2016 – 2013 AAPL – Association of painters of Longueuil, QC, Canada

2014 CAC Magog – Cultural Action Comity of  Magog, QC, Canada

Points of sale

  • Different Exhibitions throughout the year.
  • Workshop in Saint-Bruno
  • Gallery MP tresart, Durham sud, QC

Related activities

2018 – 2016 responsible for the jury selection of artists for ReMax St-Bruno, QC, Canada

2018 – 2014 teacher and coach for Start-up business classes for Artists for the Ministry of Education of Province of Quebec, QC, Canada (330 hres classes).

2015 Sponsor for the Festival of short films of Boucherville, QC, Canada

2015 Curator for ‘’10 ARTISTES’’, Hachem, Laval, Laval, QC


2018 ATIM’s top 60 Masters 2018, Art Tour international, curated by Viviana Puello, New York, NY, USA

2018 Artist Are You, MAAM, Musée des Arts et Affaires de Montréal, curated by Judith Leba, Montreal, QC, Canada

2018 Music of the soul, 104 creators Poetry/visual art, les Éditions mptresart, Durham-sud, QC, Canada

2017 The Best 2017 Modern and Contemporary Artists, catalogue of recipients, cura- tors Salvatore Russo et Francesco Saverio Russo, Italy

2017 International Biennale of Mantova, Museum Gonzaga of Mantova, Italy

2017 Arte Milano International Award, exhibition catalogue by Salvatore Russo, Milan, Italy

2017 ‘’International award The Caravaggio experience’’, exhibition catalogue by Salvatore Russo, Rome, Italy

2017 Art International Contemporary Magazine Jul-Aug 2017, ’International award  The Caravaggio experience’’ by Salvatore Russo, Italy

2017 VIP Art Shopping Zone, exhibition catalogue  Biennale Internaziolane d’Arte del Mediterraneao, Palermo, Italy, mars 2017, 50 artists selected by Salvatore Russo.

2017 Art International Contemporary Magazine, January 2017,International Award Galilei Galilei, by Salvatore Russo, Italy

2017 International Prize Cristoforo Colombo, exhibition catalogue,  curators Franscesco Saverio Russo et Salvatore Russo, EA effeto arte, Italy

2017 International award Galileo Galilei, exhibition catalogue , curators Franscesco Saverio Russo and Salvatore Russo, EA editore, Serradifalco, Palermo, Italy

2016 Contemporary in the city of Uffizi by Art international, Nov 2016

2016 Art international contemporary magazine Nov-Dec 2016, by Effeto Arte and directed by Salvatore Russo art critic.

2016 The Best 2016 Modern and Contemporary Artists curated by Salvatore Russo and Francesco Saverio Russo art critics, Italy

2016 ‘’ Exposition Vibration aérienne’’ souvenir booklet, Studio SC, QC, Canada, ISBN 978-1-36-722319-6

2016 ‘’Et si les mots parlaient…’’, Les Éditions mp tresart, Mtl, QC, Canada, ISBN978-2-9813546-7-9

2016 ‘’ Trois artistes exposent’’, Les Versants newspaper, St-Bruno, QC, Canada

2016 ‘’ Renée Bellavance dite Rebel intrigues visuelles ‘’ Art Design magazine, par Art Majeur, France

2015 ‘’L’Artiste peintre ReBel présente Circonvolution 3D à la galerie MP tresart’’, Journal  L’étincelle de Windsor, QC

2015 ‘’L’Univers 3D de l’artiste peintre ReBel’’, l’Express de Montcalm newspaper, QC

2015 ‘’L’Univers 3D de l’artiste peintre ReBel’’, Canada français newspaper, St-Jean sur Richelieu

2015 ‘’L’Univers 3D de l’artiste peintre ReBel’’, l’Express de Drummondville newspaper, QC

2015 ‘’L’Univers 3D de l’artiste peintre ReBel’’, l’Hebdo du St-Maurice newspaper, Shawinigan, QC

2015 ‘’L’Univers 3D de l’artiste peintre ReBel’’ le Reflet du Lac,Magog newspaper, QC

2015 ‘’L’Univers 3D de l’artiste peintre ReBel’’, Le progrès, Coaticook newspaper, QC

2015 ‘’L’Univers 3D de l’artiste peintre ReBel’’, Le Québec Express,Québec newspaper, QC

2015 ‘’L’Univers 3D de l’artiste peintre ReBel’’, Le Guide newspaper,  Cowansville, QC

2015 ‘’L’Univers 3D de l’artiste peintre ReBel’’, Beauport Express newspaper, Beauport,       QC

2015 ‘’L’Univers 3D de l’artiste peintre ReBel’’, La Revue newspaper , Gatineau, QC

2015 ‘’L’Univers 3D de l’artiste peintre ReBel’’, l’Écho de la Tuque newspaper, La Tuque, QC

2015 ‘’L’Univers 3D de l’artiste peintre ReBel’’ Westmount Examiner newspaper, Mtl, QC

2015 ‘’L’Univers 3D de l’artiste peintre ReBel’’, Hebdo Rive-Nord newspaper, Repentigny, QC

2015 ‘’L’Univers 3D de l’artiste peintre ReBel’’, L’Orléans Star newspaper, Québec, QC

2015 ‘’L’Univers 3D de l’artiste peintre ReBel’’L’Avantage newspaper, Rimouski, QC

2015 Video realized for the collective Secret Window of the Soul,conceived by Catherine Carrier from TV COGECO

2015 Interview with St-Bruno newspaper ‘’L’artiste ReBel presents circonvolution 3D’’

2015 Radio interview, CFID FM 103.7 Radio Acton, Acton Vale, QC

2015 De la Couleur contre la douleur, artists listing for Artistes de Coeur

2014 Interview with St-Bruno newspaper ‘’Deux artistes de Saint-Bruno en café rencontre’’

2014 Interview Les Versants newspaper ‘Vernissage de deux Artistes de St-Bruno’’

2014 Les Versants newspaper ‘’ Deux Montarvilloises à New York’’

2014 ‘’ Toile 3D font voyager dans l’espace de ReBel’’ – The Châteauguay sun newspaper

2014 Interview Les Versants  de St-Bruno newspaper ‘’ La circonvolution de ReBel’’

2014 ‘’Secret windows of the soul’’ Exhibition catalog, Gallery Wardness, NY

2013 ‘’Histoire d’eau’’ – Days of culture, Studio SC, Varennes, QC

2013 Interview with Les Versants de St-Bruno newspaper,  ‘’ReBel à New York’’,

2013 ‘’Trois montarvilloises exposent’’ Gallery MP tresart, LesVersants newspaper, St-Bruno

2013 ‘’ Deux montarvilloises à New York’’ St-Bruno /Saint-Basile newspaper, QC

2012 ‘’Regard sur la 17è Fête des Arts, St-Bruno newspaper, QC

2012 ‘’Bertrand St-Arnaud remet le 1er prix à ReBel, Les Versants newspaper, St-Bruno

2012 Interview Les Versants newspaper, ‘’ ReBel expose au Studio SC’’