The Inspiration

In her creative process, she is inspired by the four elements theory: fire, water, earth, air. She therefore sends us directly into the fifth century before our era. Her thoughts are in line with Democritus’ interpretation.

«The Universe was composed of «atoms» ( in Greek « a-tomos» which means that which cannot be cut).

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Materials & Equipment

Without any technology, she integrates 3D effects, which coupled with shadows and lights, suggest an impression of realism.

She titillates the imagination of the audience by appealing to their emotions and giving them a feeling of déjà-vu. She transports them from seabed’s, to space, or somewhere in nature or underground and even in microscopic places often inhabited by strange creatures. Unique universes appear in her miniatures as well as her larger formats.

The convolutions, obtained thanks to the imbalance between the pigments, arouse the wonder of the spectator. The vibrant colors and high brightness of her paintings result in visual intrigues that are in direct contact with the feelings of each, leaving them amazed by the intense experience that her works offer.

I see worlds that are quite real

“From within my feelings I create universes that exist only in my imagination. I see worlds that are quite real”